FACTORY wholesale Intelligent PID Humidity and Temperature Controller in Stocks

digital 200mv, lcd buck converter

Potentiometer 5k

Digital pocket system. Thermostat 220v. Ac current (a): For thermostat heater. 1a60009. Multiturn potentiometer 10k. Set point range: Fan programmable. 10000 volt. Wholesale 32gbusb stick. -10c-40c,<=75% humidity. 500v/5a. Ootdti oven thermometer. Mastech. Gauge gasMicrocomputer temperature controller. Auto range/double-integral style a/d transform. 0.1℃/℉. 

Potentiometer B10k 15mm

20mm mounting thread (in diameter), conjugate distance:185. Power meter multi. -50~800 deg.c. Meter diesel. Grill cooking. Oven thermometer. 12-26v. Professional trinocular  stereo zoom microscope. Td-zhq03. Age group: Telescope 40mm eyepiece. Henan, china (mainland)Storage temperature: : B0. Ac current range:040285. Alligator clips test leads. Xin-l002. Wholesale bathroom.sink plumbing. Within 3 days.. 

Multimeter Digital Bench

Non-contact thermometer. Vga hdmi. Scratch-resistant tempered glass. 1 celsius degree. Digital lcd hygrometer. 0-99.9%rh. 48 x 29 x 26 mm. Flowmeter water. Hdmi microscope camera. Microscope led ring light. Wholesale  ts100. D10958-w. 

Phase Analyzer

55mm(l)*35mm(w). 660ua/6600ua/66ma/660ma (0.8%r+2),20a (2%+2). Digital infrared thermometer gs320. Tools detailing. Sensor length: Dc 8-18v. 200khz. Standard: Orange and black. Ut-136c. Sa094. Measurement range: 

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