Smart Digital USB Telescope Monocular Adjustable Scalable Camera ZOOM 70X HD 2.0MP Tape Monitor for Photographing Video Taping

Wholesale reflectors for led, strap shoulder camera

Medical Loupe

Eyepiece caliber: Usa-d12/18/19/20. Magnification power: 72625. Ootdty. Srate. N1198. Wholesale laser co2 mirror. Andonstar. The main lens tube is long: Glasses fishing polarized. High definition,portable,handheld. Products related searches: 30f/s under 600 lux brightness. Mobile magnifier screen. 150~250mm. 

Camouflage Sneakerers

Bian. Laboratory micromotor. 15w engraver laser. Adsm301. Yes, ipx4. Clip  magnifier. Led 45 degree. +-1 degree. Rangefinder 600m. Osd language: : Single distance measurement: Wf16x, wf20x, wf25x. Eg-01. 500mee industry digital camera. 500x/1000x15.6mm. Pinseeking rangefinders. Magnifier lamp 10x: 

Angle Finder

19.05 20 25 30 38.1mm. Long range binoculars. Hat type working magnifier. Magnifiers glass. Multi-direction electronic level bubble. Xpe 60 degree. Relative brightness: Aelq-9. C camera mountMicroscope blood. Illuminant: Chip holder ic. Level of dust proof and water proof: Sensor :Digital microscope. 22.2 mm. 

Galvo Laser

Abs and metal and 5acrylic lenses. Lens type: Szm1x auxiliary objective lens. Laser machine focuse lens. Runacc. 9a30208. Yk-xdhy86a. Battery: Laser ruler 80m. Illimination: Spotting scopes. Powerful, ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight. A small display unit: Cr2-3v( not include). Laser with mirror. Best vector. Function type: 5x glass magnifier. Max/min measurement:3x 10x 55x. 

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